Monday, November 19, 2007

Going South

I went snowboarding in Vancouver (Whistler) once over Thanksgiving Break. I think that was four years ago. Besides for that, this will be my first Thanksgiving without Bubba. I have decided to leave Akron for a few days and visit my grandparents who live in Southern Ohio. They live in a charming little town with really big houses. And, they have an adorable guest house above their garage. It will be an ideal place to get some writing done. Plus, Grandma is an antique junkie so that makes for plenty of stories.

My big crisis in preparing for this trip is that Telemachus' seatbelt broke about a month ago. I simply can't take him over two hours away without having him strapped in something. He's so little (kinda)...and I have a Jeep so that doesn't exactly make for smooth driving. I guess I will have to venture near a mall tomorrow in search of a new seatbelt. The above picture is Telemachus in his former seatbelt.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday question to self

How many more years can I get away with running away to Ireland for the summer instead of buying a house?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My neck of the woods

My creek/sewer ranges from 4 inches deep to about a foot and a half. I don't see the ducks much anymore, but I do enjoy the strange array of things I observe on a daily basis. I hope I always live near a creek/sewer/river. The red object in the picture (taken from my cell phone so the quality is poor) is a child's raft of some sort.

Once I saw a guinea pig on a pizza box, floating past my patio. Nearby, a group of children laughed. I of course, having such a sore spot for animals, yelled like a crazy old lady on a New York Balcony.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Lucky Me

Strange to lose someone who has loved you your whole life.

Since I've known how to talk, I've called her Bubba. No one knows exactly why I gave her that name, but I never
called her grandma. She was the first person my mother let hold me.
In moments when she was proud of me (earning blue ribbons in a potato sack race, getting my ears pierced), or in moments I was sad (wrecking my Powder Puff Bigwheel, my first love breaking my teenage heart, my Papa dying), Bubba held me close to her, rubbed my cheek with her hand, whispered in my ear,

"You know, I was the first one to hold you."

Overall, what I feel is lucky.

I think in some ways Bubba will always be holding me.