Saturday, December 1, 2007

Writing Space Ramble

This is a picture of one of my favorite writing spaces I have ever inhabited. I wrote at this spot for nearly a week this past July when I had the opportunity to travel to Bisbee, Arizona, and work with other writers while being spoiled by the Wick family. It was stunning and I wish that I were there right now.

Writing space is important to me. I normally write at my desk in my writing room/bedroom which overlooks my charming creek/sewer. But this morning I am sitting at my very small, very tall IKEA table, working on my laptop. I don't like to use my laptop much. I never feel like I have as much control over it. But, I am closer to the coffee machine right now.

It's not quite 9 am on Saturday morning and I am taking a short break from working on my manuscript (I have been up since 6). Right now, I love the third section so much. And it's driving me crazy. I want to love all three sections close to the same, or at least love them all a whole lot but for different reasons. I wonder if everyone feels like this when assembling a manuscript. It's only natural to have a favorite, right? Yet I have read books where every single section is just as moving as the previous. I guess this just makes me have to rethink things for the 587th time. I am trying to get a "close to ready" draft by January 1st so that the other two professors on my thesis committee can give me some helpful feedback. I am really excited to be working with three of my favorite writers/professors.
Okay, back to the future book.


Sara said...

Aaah, Bisbee. aaah, thesis freak-outs. Both one-of-a-kind experiences. I can't wait to read your ms, Jen!

Good luck!

Jennifer Sullivan said...

Thanks, Sara. I had a great time hanging out last Saturday.

jessica said...

Oh, I miss that view!

Jennifer Sullivan said...

I miss that view too.