Sunday, January 27, 2008

Getting Ready for AWP

This will be my first year attending AWP and my first time in New York City. Though I am counting down the minutes, there is just so much to do.

My mother is coming over to babysit Telemachus. Even though he doesn't smell (well...maybe a teeny bit), she insisted that I bath him. She thinks I should bath him every week, but that is not good for his pug skin.

This is a picture I took of him today (on my cell phone) in his bath robe. Notice the ray of light in the background announcing what a divine little thing he is.

My mom gets annoyed with my strict regulations on the quantity of food Telemachus can have. He acts hungry all the time. Pugs just do that. They know how to manipulate you. At the mere mention or sight of food, Telemachus spins in chaotic circles. As much as he loves me, he would sell me out for a sliver of hamburger without thinking twice.

Last summer when I went to Bisbee for a week, my mom stayed with Telemachus and he gained two pounds. How is that possible? That is like a human gaining 20. She thinks I starve him but anyone who has seen him knows that he is plenty well fed.

What will happen if she watches him this summer when I go to Ireland? I will come home to a baby hippo instead of a pug.

Mom, I know you read this. I am appreciative for all you do, but you can love him without making him resemble a pig anymore than he already does.


Frank (the Colt) said...

My dog runs down the stairs if he hears anything that could equal food. He eats as fast as he can then come beg for my dinner. I know how it feels for a dog to want food all the time

Marissa said...

That is one of the cutest pictures I have ever seen. It's hard not to feed them, isn't it? They just get so happy about it!

Amy said...

Telemachus looks a little like ET in this picture.

You've never been to NYC? Girl, we will have us some fun.

Meagan said...

I think ALL dogs are like that... not just pugs. Many cats as well (though fortunately not mine).