Friday, February 22, 2008

Check it out, yo.

Some new poems on Wicked Alice...along with Miss Jessica Jewell's always incredible work.

What's on my poetry agenda for this weekend?

My manuscript is once again on the floor. The first and third sections must be reorganized. I have cut two or three poems and have decided that the speaker/protagonist/poet (whatever) must be wed, at least metaphorically, to painter Vincent from page one.

I also will be reading Jay's manuscript. I can't wait.


jessica said...

Hey girl!!! First Nimrod--now Wicked A--and I think we had our very first MFA class together. Maybe it's in the stars somewhere. !! Anyway I'm so happy to be in that issue with you. Your work is, as usual, amazing. I can't wait to read your full book :) Cheers :)

Jennifer Sullivan said...

I think it is in the stars somewhere, Jessica. It is a honor to have my work anywhere near yours. I love your work; I always have. Perhaps 30 years from now we will be reading each other's tenth collection.