Thursday, February 7, 2008

New York

Here are the highlights of my New York/AWP trip:
  • Hanging out with Amy Bracken Sparks (pictured above with Jay)
  • Spending time with Joey, my friend from high school
  • Hearing Frank McCourt speak, possibly the funniest man in the world
  • Watching James Tate smile as he dodges questions
  • Seeing The Red Studio by Matisse (MoMa with Sara and Jay)
  • Eating my first gyro
  • Walking through Central Park and being lonely
  • and drum roll please...seeing Robert Bly at the NEOMFA reception


Anonymous said...

We're the coolest!

Amy said...

I purposely tried to look bad so that Jason could look even better! Someone get that girl a stylist.

Jennifer Sullivan said...

You guys are the coolest; no stylist is necessary!