Saturday, April 12, 2008

One More Irish Summer

I ordered my new passport since my original was MIA. My two week plane ticket has now been extended a few more weeks.
It is confirmed. One more Irish summer. How blessed I am.
This will be my backyard. My MFA will be in my back pocket, my Telemachus snuggled safely with my mom or Sara. I will be most happy. Thanks to everyone who is making this possible. And if anybody else wants to volunteer to help out with a chubby little pug, please let me know.


Kristina said...

Jenn, Ireland sure looks picture-perfectly fabulous! Makes me want to go to the British Isles as well (I have some pictures like that from a trip to SW England in 2000), instead of heading for flat, landlocked Berlin and the couches of my various relatives, trying to explain what getting an MFA entails. Like this paper, due on tax day! Got your students' poems narrowed down to 20, will continue eliminating. Good luck with the rest of the paper!

Jennifer Sullivan said...

Kristina, I'd love to lounge on couches in Berlin! You are going to have an exciting summer as well. Thanks for judging the poems. I really appreciate it. Hope your paper is going well:)