Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pug Pageant Mother????

Once in a while a poem comes out fast but that is usually if something hits me and I just grab a notebook or napkin and scribble it down. Mostly, I mull and mull over words and look at Microsoft Word for hours. Being a word-muller has one benefit. As you can see from the above picture, Telemachus likes to sit in my lap and sleep on my arm as I attempt to write poems. This makes typing especially difficult, but when a phrase only arrives once a day, it's not so bad.

To the right of the picture you can see the new puppy, Edith, sleeping in her new tiny pink corduroy bed. She is just so cute that I can barely stand it.

Okay, so don't judge me just yet. I have not purchased one single outfit for Edith. My best friend Kelly just happens to own a Pomeranian named Lola and little Lola likes to eat and can't quite fit into some of her clothes. Kelly passed some outfits down to Edith.

I of course have not taken her anywhere in these outfits because it is too hot, but my apartment is quite air conditioned so I must admit, there has been one small fashion show.

Am I a pug pageant mother? That's a horrible thought. If I told you that pugs love clothes, would you believe me? I swear!


Maggie May said...

she is so cute it's hardly fair.

Jennifer Sullivan said...

Thanks. She's cute, but she is so much crazier than Telemachus was. She's like a tiny vampire. I can barely keep up with her.

Maggie May said...

my daughter is now saying we need a little baby bulldog.

thanks a lot!!!


Jennifer Sullivan said...

Maggie-GET A BULLDOG. I can then live vicariously through the pictures. They are my favorite breed of dog. I was even thinking of getting one in a year or two if I get the house and if Edith and Telemachus work out well.