Sunday, September 7, 2008

Factory Farming & Poetry

Ashley Capps, author of Mistaking the Sea for Green Fields, emailed me (and many other poets) to ask if I would consider posting links to both a poem she published in Boston Review and a youtube video.

What I loved so much about her email was that she said, "I absolutely don't believe people have to be vegan or vegetarian to care about the treatment, and living/dying conditions, of farm animals, or to advocate for farm animal welfare." She also selflessly mentioned that it is more important that someone watch the video than read the poem.

Hopefully, you will read the poem and watch the video. Both are worth your time.


Maggie May said...

will do

Jennifer Sullivan said...


Amy said...

Jen, I read Ashley's poem, which is really powerful, but I can't bear to watch the video. I'm glad you posted it though.

Jennifer Sullivan said...

I know that video is devastating. Thanks for checking out her poem:)