Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Poetry Fix

Some exciting poetry extravaganzas are approaching. John Gallaher will be in Rubber City next week. He will be reading with Michael Dumanis and Amy Sparks next Wednesday, October 8th at The University of Akron.

Friday I am heading to the first meeting of a spectacular writing group. This is definitely something I have been looking forward to attending. I am a poetry nerd.

My current poetry fix is C. Dale Young's The Second Person. If for some reason you have not read this book, get on Amazon right this minute. It's worth every cent. Here is the ending of a poem called "Infidelity."

For consolation, you carry a fistful of sand.

You carry yourself over the dunes with a fistful of sand
and a newly discovered love of the second person,

your shirttails small flags left in your wake.