Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lonely Ohio Winters

I made it to Brandywine on Saturday and managed to ride for a few hours before I became bored. These pictures are from the parking lot. I have learned the hard way to not put a camera in my pocket while snowboarding.

Just the other day my boyfriend asked me why I don't snowboard with anyone. I used to snowboard with my friend Bryan, but he moved to Colorado so he could ride seven or eight months of the year.

I tried to explain to my boyfriend that snowboarding is about me, the board, and the mountain...or in Ohio's case, the hill. When I attempted to discuss this with him, I meant what I said. Snowboarding is a lot like writing. The act is sacred sometimes, and it's all mine. I don't team write.

But I must admit, after going down Grizzly a dozen times this past Saturday- tumbling, jumping, giggling...I started feeling this pull in my gut.


I must be cracking up or something. I have always been, "Oh, I love spending time with myself." And now, as I get older, I realize how much companionship means to me. Writer Jen spends enough time alone; snowboarder Jen may need a snowboarding buddy.

Or at least I need some more challenging terrain than Brandywine so I can spend less time being lonely and more time worrying about the artistry of snowboarding.

P.S. Thanks goes to my loyal Jeep. Recently I had been thinking about purchasing a vehicle that would be easier on the gas and such...but I must admit, never once in eight years has the Jeep been stuck. It's small and incredible-perfect for winter snow driving and summer convertible cruising.


Maggie May said...

i am a little on the opposite end of that equation- with a husband and three kids my alone time is rare and precious. unbelievable amounts of snow there, wow.

Jennifer Sullivan said...

Too much snow here. Telemachus & Edith can barely walk in it.