Tuesday, January 6, 2009

No Found Poem at the Gym

I exercise at a place where people never stop talking. I want to scream. I have spent close to six months listening to their small talk. The trainers constantly ask yes/no questions. The people pretending to break a sweat complain about the weather or talk about past/present/future holidays.

Did everybody have a good day? Yes. It sure is cold out. Did anyone do anything fun on New Years? Yes. Did you make some resolutions? Yes. I don't want to slip on the ice. Are you happy the holidays are over? Yes. I have to take my Christmas decorations down. Is your heart rate okay?

The worst part about these questions is that if you are there long enough, you hear the same cycle of questions in the same day.

If your hate rate is not okay, are you really going to say something?

The older I get, the more I lose the gift of small talk. It's not like I can truly exercise and talk at the same time anyway.

I guess I too have comments on the weather. I can't wait until I get a snow day so that I can go snowboarding at Seven Springs. Or, I can't wait until it's warm enough that I can run outside and spend less time exercising indoors.


Penultimatina said...

Seriously, sometimes I pretend I don't speak English.

The other day, not only were the gabbers all over the gym, but there was a gaggle of old ladies standing around my locker gossiping. Thank god I didn't have to change my clothes in front of them. I would've had to sit in their laps!

Meagan said...


michael salinger said...


Headphones are the way to go - not only can you block out unwanted noise - but, you can also eavesdrop by turning the volume down if you so choose.

Maggie May said...

i'm really unfriendly at the gym. i just want to WORK OUT.

Jennifer Sullivan said...

Headphones are not an option, sadly. I have to listen to the pseudo-trainers.