Thursday, July 29, 2010

What makes up your Paella?

Look at this gorgeous plate of paella. There is a bizarre, at least to these Ohioan taste buds, mixture of foods ranging from a plethora of seafood to a plethora of vegetables. And yet, each bite tasted different from the previous one. Tastes tramped around my mouth and every new taste seemed to complement the previous.

I returned from Spain a few weeks ago and I am trying to figure out how I can unleash my taste buds here in Ohio. Literally, I can't. No food here can compare to what I have eaten in Spain. But how can I equate the plate of paella to my life?

Again, it comes back to balance. Look at the balance of food on the plate. What tiny pieces make up my paella. Writing has to be the clams. I have to dig to find writer Jen, but she's really important to the whole mix. Other parts of my life that need reflection in order to find out where they fit on my paella plate are: runner Jen or my commitment to exercise, family, preparation for the future, culture and travel, love for Telemachus & Edith, being a teacher as well as being a continuous learner, prayer, time with my Pete, and time for me. I may have skipped some things.

I was glad to come home to my loved ones, but honestly, Spain is a magical place and like a few other countries I have visited, the Spanish seem to know not only how to balance life, but to enjoy it. I need to work on that. I need to learn how to be in the moment instead of in my head concocting ideas.

I look forward to blogging more. It may be about writing or it may be about my recent travels, or perhaps it will be about my beautiful Telemachus & Edith. Whatever I blog about, it will go back to that plate of paella. Blogging will help me explore what is on my plate that shouldn't be and what needs to be on my plate that isn't.


Helen Rickerby said...

Welcome back! It's good, I think, to have those re-evaluation periods in your life. When you take a good look at how you're living, and who you are, and see if it matches with how you want to live and who you want to be. And then figure out what adjustments you need to make. I've never been to Spain, but that makes me want to go.

Jennifer Sullivan said...

Hi, Helen. How are you? I thought of you the other day. Anne Carson put out this incredible elegy for her brother. It comes in a box and is all connected paper with a mixture of dictionary definitions, photographs of her writing, and then typed pieces. It's really interesting.

I always feel like I am trying to figure out how to live, but it's okay with me. I'd probably get bored if I knew exactly who I was and what I wanted. Hope all is well, dear. Best.

CalifPeach said...

That looks so good. I need to follow you just because of that pic. lol