Sunday, September 9, 2007


The above picture is the reason I struggle to complete the things I need to do. Telemachus rolls on my poems and distracts me with his sweet face.

I have crossed over to the blogger's world. It's a rainy Sunday morning, a perfect time for my first rambling. I have lists of tasks to complete: write the IRS a letter explaining they have made a big mistake, give Telemachus a bath because he smells, print out every poem I have so far written for my thesis, complete a load of laundry (I have to use the word complete or I will half-ass the task, leaving soaking clothes in the washer for days), visit my 90 year old grandma (I call her Bubba) and remind her thirty times who I am, grade some papers, and write a poem for Mary's class that includes a car trip, a house, an element, and a literary figure or text. Before I tackle such jobs, I am going to finish watching a very interesting movie a friend let me borrow. It is called The Science of Sleep. Then, I may take a nap myself.


Sara said...

I'd never get anything done with that cutie around either!

Go to your dashboard, then layout, then click "add an element" and then select "link list." After that, it's easy.

Amy said...

Jen, welcome to blogland. That's a great photo of you. And (belated) congrats on all your upcoming publications and the Neruda prize. Wow.

I'm at "The Great Whatever" (

dixiedreams said...

hi, jen van gogh! that's a great user pic of you. glad to hear you're doing well.

Penultimatina said...

Welcome, Jen! Great pics, too!

jessica said...

hey girlie!!! glad to see you in this crazy blogworld. hope all is well with you and van gogh!!