Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thoughts of Northern Ireland

I can remember the exact moment of the above picture. S and I were walking to the Gweedore as we did every Sunday evening to have a pint or two and listen to a local band cover artists like Dylan and Springsteen. I could feel the sun behind me. I stopped to turn around and was pleasantly silenced by the Northern Irish sun. I dug my camera out of my bag like the tourist I pretended not to be. S said there was no way a picture would capture the sky. But I took one anyway and I love it, my sherbet sky hovering above a city hungover from civil war. My Derry. My Ireland.


dixiedreams said...

wow. this is lovely. makes me want to visit.

dixiedreams said...

hey,can i "link" your blog to mine?

Whisper Shifter said...

Nice sunset! How's Telemachus?