Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'd rather be sick in Europe

I'm really bad at being sick. It's 9:30 in the morning and I am the sickest I have been in years. My voice is gone and my chest is on fire. The last time I was this sick was right before my friend Bryan and I headed to Austria to snowboard. It must have been about four years ago. The picture is me in Solden, Austria, where my friend Bryan and I rode for four days. Notice the red face, a mix between cold air and strep thoat. But no sickness was going to keep me from those mountains. Notice the fluff of white behind me. That isn't snow; it is a smear of cloud that I had to glide through. I hate the use of this word more than anything...but I was "stoked."


Sara said...

feel better!

dixiedreams said...

as someone who can't even make it up the bunny hill, i applaud you. hope you're feeling better soon.

Jennifer Sullivan said...

Thanks, ladies.