Sunday, December 9, 2007

The good and the bad


Congrats to my NEOMFA friends who graduated, especially my homegirl Sara Tracey. She gave a great reading on Friday. I am thankful to have had the chance to get to know her through the NEOMFA program and look forward to a lifetime of friendship.

In other good news, I got word last week that two of my poems have been picked up for publication. One is a van Gogh poem so that makes me thrilled. I worry about the van Gogh poems being too dependent on one another. The other poem is one of only three poems I have ever written about Ireland. As much as I think about Ireland, I am incapable of writing much about it. It's almost unreachable. Everything comes out in cliche, usually green cliche.


After celebrating my friend Kelly's birthday last night, she slept on my couch...and so did my sweet Telemachus. He ditched me for my friend. This has never happened before. I guess my boy is all grown up. I hate it. As I type this sorrowful news, Telemachus is attempting to snuggle close to me, but I am not giving in just yet. He is only trying to get close to me because Kelly is gone. I'm on to his tricks.


Sara said...

Thanks Jen! And congrats! I'm so glad we finally got to know each other. : )

Jennifer Sullivan said...