Tuesday, December 11, 2007

MFA not as good as law school?

Brainstorming ways to afford summer travel, I ask my mother, "When I graduate this spring (with an MFA), will family members send me money?"

She looks at me like I'm crazy (not unusual), says, "Well, your cousin Russ never even sent out announcements and he graduated from law school."


Frank (the Colt) said...

does your family, outside of your mom and dad, know what a MFA degree is? None of mine do. I tell them I finished my BA in English and am going on for an MFA and they say "What's a MFA?" But who wants a law degree?

Jennifer Sullivan said...

With the exception of my aunt and mother, no one in my family could tell you what MFA even means. In fact, I have a relative who recently asked me when I was getting my MCA. I told her I wasn't part of the Beastie Boys though I wish that I were that cool. She didn't get it.