Friday, January 18, 2008

A few inches please!

Look at that gorgeous Barrett Christy Gnu 150 cm snowboard. All her poor owner wants is a few weeks of good riding weather. Of course, the sweet owner of this board has no idea how she will finance a trip to Seven Springs (especially since she is saving up for AWP), but at this point, she may even settle for Brandywine.


Meagan said...

Good luck with that, but I hope the snow sticks to the mountains (double meaning intended).

Jennifer Sullivan said...

:)I hope we get dumped on this week, but that it warms up before AWP.

Marissa said...

Thank, Jenn. Unfortunately, I had to make the tough decision to put Benny down this morning. Animals are better than a lot of people and this one was quite the kitty.

Life goes on.