Saturday, March 29, 2008

What I'm thinking about at 2 am on a Saturday

Debby MacDonald is by far my favorite animal cop. She works for the Michigan Humane Society. She is tough, but passionately compassionate.

I don't watch television much, but when I do, Animal Cops seems to be where my remote control halts. The people who work as cruelty investigators are my heroes.

The only thing I don't quite get is the food aggression test. They feed a dog and then stick a plastic hand near the food to see if the dog is aggressive. The sad thing is that many times when a dog reacts aggressively, they must put it to sleep. I understand, yet I don't. If you put a plastic hand in my food, I'd definitely get aggressive.

I sure pray that my Telemachus never has to past a food aggression test. He would never bite the plastic hand, but he would growl, and the hair on his back would spike straight up. According to the specialists at the Michigan Humane Society, that is food aggression.


Marissa said...

I love this show, but I'm not allowed to watch it because it makes me cry. I actually am not allowed to watch animal planet at all because of that.

Jennifer Sullivan said...

It's one of those shows where you just know it is a really bad idea to watch, but you do it anyway.