Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Neighbors Must Be Stopped

My neighbors are driving me nuts. I've tried to be proactive about things. I talked with them. I banged on the wall. I talked with the landlord. And after all of that, I even called the cops. The thing is, I hate being a snitch, but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Nothing has helped. They, two college boys who really need to get girlfriends, play video games at least 12 hours a day. I can somewhat handle the Guitar Hero since I have a secret adoration for hair bands, but the war video games must stop.

I am trying to work on a manuscript here and every three minutes the entire complex shakes and I'm ready to hit the floor. Those calm days of gazing outside to see the charming little creek/sewer are over. Instead of peering out my window to admire baby ducks I am expecting to see a chopper. Instead of comfy pug printed PJ's, I'm sporting camouflage.

And so the war begins.

I have stooped to their level and it feels good. This morning, while they were still asleep from their Friday night Halo 3 marathon, I rediscovered my love for Chicago drum-n-bass DJ Danny the Wildchild.

Tomorrow when I wake up at 7 am or so, I just may pull out the Irish tin whistle CD. And, I may just get my tin whistle out and play along.

You just don't mess with someone trying to finish an MFA.


Frank (the Colt) said...

Yea, do that. And if they don't stop, get a bull horn. And if they still don't stop, have Jay's band come over and play a show. And if they still don't stop, well I'm out of ideas. Good luck with the rest of the ms.

Meagan said...

This reminds me of when I lived in Lakewood. I was in the upstairs apartment and two guys (who were quite a bit older than your college pains in the ass, I gotta tell you) played I THINK halo all the time. At 2-4 am. I woke up one night thinking an evil mage was destroying the world (my grasp on reality is limited even when I'm awake). Fortunately these guys were pretty good about quieting down if they were asked, but that doesn't help much at 4 a.m. when you're not awake enough to understand what the hell is going on.

Kristina said...

Oh, Jenn, I feel for you. Nothing like having your space invaded aurally. Last place I lived I made it for exactly three weeks because the couple below was fighting every night. At my current place I hear the neighbor below me snore most night, but that's almost comforting; when he is snoring, he is at least not coming home in the middle of the night, banging all possible doors in the process. Ah, the joys of apartment living!

Jennifer Sullivan said...

Thanks for your words and stories. I think I just may have to have a really loud graduation party.