Friday, June 13, 2008


I have been to Dublin several times before this week and I have almost never had a good time. Once, when I was in love, I flew to Dublin for 27 hours. It was crazy miserable.

But this time Dublin has been different for me. Endless wandering of streets in search of tucked away pubs, conversation stretched across smooth, meal replacing pints.

The River Liffey is so lovely. It splits the city into two distinct sections and for some reason it seems to organize something inside of me as well.

Today we get a car and head to Northern Ireland. I hope I can reclaim the North just as I have reclaimed Dublin, but I don't know. There are ghosts in the North.


Amy said...

So glad you are posting from Ireland. Keep 'em coming.

The furthest I'll be this summer is my front yard...

Jennifer Sullivan said...

Oh, Amy...I wish you were here with me.