Tuesday, October 21, 2008

When asked why he is a Republican

Grandpa says, Republicans done more for the working man than the damn Democrats.

I give Crystal the poodle more of my fried steak. As long as I can remember, my grandparents have owned at least one poodle.

I like all dogs for the most part, but poodles always look like they have dirty mouths.


Wounds of the Crisis said...

It was a stench, a tear. A translucent freedom, a haunting fear that clogs the pores, a taunting mistake that giggles at care. Please officer I'm almost home, just over this hill. took me 15 minutes just to write that lol...ill write a line and then start on other things and sometimes a month later venture back to that page and only put a few words and then go on like that forever it seems....its not easy but when u finally get something its amazing....have you written anything that you can read and go wow, im good?...nonsense is beauty if you see more than just words....listen to bright eyes....i like how he writes and the emotion in his voice is cool, you might know it already but who knows....

Jennifer Sullivan said...

I like that. Good stuff.

That's how writing goes. You tuck things away in drawers and return months or years later.

I don't know if I ever think, "Wow, I'm good." I feel separate sometimes from the work and once in a while I will think, "I can't believe I wrote that." It's a rare, but great feeling.

I do need to check out Bright Eyes. I may just do that right now while I am sitting here typing:)